Objectives and Plans of the Organisation


  1. The main objective of Ferrando Speech and Hearing Centre is the early Intervention, education, rehabilitation and the manpower development of the Speech and Hearing Impaired persons in the State of Meghalaya and in the North Eastern region as a whole. The organisation also will extend its rehabilitation services to the other categories of the disabled persons as the need arises.
  2. Organise Awareness and diagnostic camps in the rural and urban areas for the creation of awareness on disability and to reach out to the rural flock with minimum facilities. Creation of awareness is the first step for prevention of disability.
  3. Conduct Screening programmes for the primary school children in the normal schools keeping in mind the prevention aspect of disability and the importance of early detection and intervention for the said purpose.
  4. The school has a well established ear mould lab for the effective fitting of the hearing aids
  5. We have started a unit for the newborn hearing screening to identify the children at a very young age, even soon after the birth so as to start the intervention programme at the earliest and reduce the effect of the disability.
  6. The Vocational Training unit impart life skills training to adult disabled persons keeping in mind the need of empowering them to be independent and contributing members through self employment and employment placements. The trainees focus on one trade of their own choice and they are then introduced and given basic knowledge in various other programmes in the unit, such as agriculture, horticulture, pickle making, baking, knitting, tailoring, candle making, greeting cards.

Future plans

  1. Setting up college and graduate courses for the deaf (preferably B.Sc agriculture/ Horticulture).
  2. Starting a respite home for the life care of severely disabled women of the region.
  3. More Training courses for Special Educators, Rehabilitation therapists, Grass root level workers (B.Ed SEDE, FC-SEDE, BF technicians and educational audiology).
  4. Setting up a therapy cum recreational park and providing facilities for the persons with disabilities and their families (barrier free for all types of disabilities).
  5. More Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)/Out reach programmes in the other states of North East.
  6. Awareness programmes for the government officials, teachers of the mainstream schools & the Public need of early detection, intervention for the prevention of deafness as well as for the successful education of the deaf children.
  7. Working for the prevention/reduction of Deafness in the region.
  8. Study & research in the field of disability in the region.