Our Mission


Every child, despite even severe disabilities, has real potential for development. Our mission is to discover this potential and provide opportunities for full development, preparing him/her for an independent life.


About the School

  • Our Beginnings: The school began in 1996 at Mawroh-Malai with 2 students.
  • Current residence: Shifted to Umniuh-Khwan on 23rd February 2002
  • Present number of Beneficiaries: 1590
  • Partner (LRO). Missionary Sisters of Mary Help of Christians
  • Project Director: Sr. Merly Tom Kizhakayil
  • Area Covered: All the states of North East India


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Area of work:

Ri-Bhoi district of Meghalaya is the main area of work. Our residential special school/ inclusive school offers services to children with HI and their parents from all over the states of North East India and even from West Bengal and Bihar.

Through the initiative of FSHC over 200 children with hearing impairment (HI) are enrolled in special education and 1500 person with ear and hearing problems through awareness camps and vocational training for better quality of life.

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Details showing various activities done by the institution with numerical output:

  1. ISL for the deaf 12.
  2. Special School – 165 persons.
  3. Vocational training – 65 persons.
  4. Computer training - 115 students.
  5. Ear mould lab – 700 persons and above.
  6. Service centre – 2,000 persons and above.
  7. Parent Infant training programmes – 75.
  8. Training in ear mould making -150 persons.
  9. 6 months bare foot technicians - 33 trainees.
  10. Diagnostic camps and awareness programmes –10,000 persons.
  11. Sign language classes for parents/ volunteers – 150 Persons.
  12. Exposure programme for teacher trainees (Diploma in Education of the Hearing Impaired, Diploma in Speech, Hearing and Language).
  13. Facilitating Exposure and training to the education, social welfare, health department of the govt. of Meghalaya and the school, college and university students – 3000 + members.

Total number of employees in the institution (also indicate the number of employees with disabilities).

  • Male:      16 (8 disabled)
  • Female:  49 (13 disabled)
  • Total:     65 (21 disabled)

Details of work done by the institution including places and the number of disabled persons covered by the institution.

  • The Institution reaches out to hearing impaired students from the Whole of North East India, at present there are students from Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, and Nagaland not only children from North East but also open to Hearing Impaired children and their parents from any part of the country, we do get cases from Kolkata and Bihar too.
    1. Prevention and reduction of the effect of preventable hearing impairment in young children through early identification, intervention and pre-school education.
    2. Empowerment of the families of hearing impaired children to face the challenges in bringing up their Hearing impaired child.
    3. Preparation of young hearing impaired child for school (special education/ integrated education/inclusive education) there is an informed choice for parents to select their hearing Impaired child’s education.
    4. Development of age appropriate communication skills (speech, sign language or total communication).
    5. Special School for the Deaf with 160 students in classes Nursery – XII.
    6. Integrated education ( the child and family is prepared to enter into a mainstream education).
    7. Inclusive education ( The school is prepared to take children with disabilities ).
    8. Vocational training for the Adult disabled.
    9. Reverse integration ( Integrating the Hearing students into the Special school for the Deaf).
    10. Support services to Physically challenged children with orthotic and Prosthetic aids and Physiotherapy.
    11. Screening of primary school children for eye, ear and hearing problems.
    12. Diagnostic and awareness camps in the villages and fitment of hearing aids in collaboration with Social Welfare Department, Education Department, State resource Centre, District Rehabilitation Centre, Composite Regional Centre Guwahati and Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped, Mumbai..
    13. Refraction, spectacle dispensation and correction of visual problems and low vision aids for school going children.